Saturday, May 14, 2011

OBL dead or another stage drama?

Bin Laden’s death marks a win against anti-terrorism. Confetti! But not only is there inconsistency but there are serious loop holes in the unveiling stories about the Abbottabad operation.  Here are five big question marks which force me to believe that this whole operation was nothing but a stage play.

1.      No proper communication setup
If such an important leader of Al-qaeda has been living in Abbottabad for such a long time and also he has been taking major decisions of Al-Qaeda, wouldn’t he have a very strong and secure communication system? I am sure he was not relying on pigeon to convey all his messages:
“Alright, I am all set in Abbottabad, its go green for the next bomb attack. Also see the map attached to the right leg of the pigeon, the red circle is where you blast next”. What if one of the pigeon falls victim to a drone attack, how many days before they can tell they need a new pigeon?
If the master mind of the 9/11 attack was living in Abbottabad a lot of laptops, cellphones, wireless sets and other gadgets would have been recovered from his hideout instead of a bunch of old fashioned PCs etc.

2.      No proper supplies
Food, after air and water is the basic need of survival and if you are living in a compound with your kids and wives it seems impossible that there is no proper food stock. In fact Osama’s was not the only family living there, that means more tummies, more food needs- there has to be proper system to feed people. Any one hungry would go out and buy stuff from the nearest grocery store.
What about the electricity bills, water supply or gas bills for that matter? We sure don’t have a put-a-coin and get-the-supply system in Pakistan.

3.      Living for 5 years? Seriously!
With the given facts and figures this does not seem like the case. Even if Osama was found there he was probably on a run, it is very hard to believe that he was living there for such a long time. Living for five years in such an important city from Pakistan military’s point of view with no proper security, supplies, networking.

4.      Security system
Such high profile leader, having big rewards against his name, major intelligence agencies after him, whole of the US waiting for the announcement of his death and he dies without fighting back? Only very few weapons are found, no guards, no security system is in place. I do not know but someone who planned 9/11, he is not expected to be this non-tech savvy. In fact, it is very hard to believe that the operation lasted for only forty-minutes in total with no major causalities on the other side. 

5.      Money talks
Unfortunately in a country like Pakistan where one fourth of its population is living below the poverty line, a lot of things sell for money.[1] The timings are perfect, America had been operating in Pakistan for quite some time now and it was all going in vain, their operations had resulted in more civilian deaths than militants and now the people of US had started to notice and unfortunately unlike Pakistanis when they notice it has an impact. Elections are near and who does not like to stay in power so bingo, OBL’s death changes the picture.  

[1] Central Intelligence Agency. (2010, March 11). The World Factbook. Retrieved April 15, 2011, from Central   Intelligence Agency: (This figure is of 2010 which implies that there is no incorporation of the mass destruction done by the floods)


  1. seems like a plausible conspiracy theory. but it would become highly implausible if you try scrolling back through the last decade; the most plausible theories are that either OBL has long been dead OR had been bought off by the CIA/ was working for them all along.

    What this means is that he was probably living there under a protection program directed by the CIA and maybe the ISI. This doesn't necessarily mean the CIA people dropped at his place for tea time to time, though it would've been amazing to witness such a feat.

    Anyway, given the assumptions above are correct, OBL didn't really need to talk to anyone OR stock up supplies for sustenance. He was just living his pseudo-nomad life until the CIA got bored and decided they'd kill the poor arab and dump his body in the sea or whatever... for vested interests ofc, they're not stupid or anything.

  2. yet another conspiracy theory.