Friday, May 20, 2011

6 things we need to start doing

“Change begins from within”, “You want to change the world, change yourself” are very impressive but with all due respect clichéd phrases. It is high time; we put our words into actions. When the discussion of putting words into actions comes everyone starts thinking of all the big, fancy hard-to-implement ideas and mostly people end up doing nothing. But everyone tends to overlook all the small things which are very do-able and can have an impact even at an individual’s level.

So to give it start, here’s a list of 6:

1.      Stop littering
Where ever we go we make sure to leave a mark behind and the easiest way of doing that is littering. Anything from throwing an empty juice tin at the centuries old fort to banana skin at the joy land would do and then we backbite about people who do not keep their homes clean. Remind me here again how are we any different? In fact they are better, because they are at least consistent in their actions. 

2.      Stop complaining
Avoid bursting over minor routine issues and learn to let go of things, its saving of your own energy. So what if it is very hot outside; so are you, don’t be jealous of the sun, your complaining is not going to change anything.

3.      Have patience
Please have little tolerance for things especially while driving; it is not necessary that everyone has equally quick reflexes as yours, so it’s not a bad idea to wait a few seconds before unleashing your army of horns and deadly curses- which, frankly, are of no good. Plus trust me the other person is not partying in the middle of the street, he also wants to get across that signal.

4.      Save electricity, gas and water
Cursing WAPDA and the government is one thing; don’t be misled by the heading, no one is asking you to stop doing that. On the contrary it is our moral responsibility to make efficient use of the resources that we have for our own good. Open the tap when you need water, do not just let the water following all the time while you are brushing your hair and you need to sprinkle water only once.

5.      Stop showing off; be cooperative
If a guard at the entrance of a building stops and asks for your identification he is not trying to play-mighty or put a stain on your status, he is doing his job; cooperate with him. With the prevailing security conditions of the country it is all the more necessary for you to follow his directions. I have witnessed people trying to show the security guards down by telling them who they are and what they can do and how dare he ask them for their identification- for all such people, honestly had he known he would not have asked for your identity.

6.      Give respect
Give respect and earn respect in return. Greeting a shop keeper, taxi driver, watch man, sweeper will do for a start. These people are making a living by doing decent jobs; we should respect that rather than making a comparison. How much a white collar worker earns in Pakistan anyway? Hardly enough to survive. By showing respect via these small gestures you are not only raising their self-esteem but also your own. 

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