Thursday, January 20, 2011

And then you complain about the leadership?

The other day in class when I was dozing in and out of sleep my friend poked me when her elbow saying “Oye! You are missing all the fun”. As I gained my senses I realized that the lecture discussion on strategic leadership in organizations had somehow transformed to leadership in Pakistan. I heard very valuable contributions from the class on different political parties, I was amazed that how keenly my fellows followed up on the political activities and embarrassed that I did not know peanut in comparison.

A student said: “Pakistan could only prosper if it has good leadership, Malaysia was on the breach of collapse too when Mahateer Muhammad came and changed it all.”

Another said: “Pakistan needs a dictator; this spoiled nation can only be straightened with a rod”

Our professor asked “Where is such leader going to come from? ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ and as far as Pakistan is concerned it has been fooled by its leaders for as many as four times...”

Building on the argument someone from class said: “Well frankly it’s not the leadership to be blamed than, in fact it is the people casting their votes to be blamed?”

Professor: “Are they?”

*sounds of yeah.. yes.. no.. probably*

Student x: “Ma’am, we are sitting in this class where almost everyone has sufficient knowledge to support the better political party or at least identify the bad political party from the worst. Can you please ask the students to raise their hands who voted in the past election, or any one of the past election they were eligible to vote at?”

“I am not surprised to see three of hands in the air. And then you complain about the leadership, you lost that right when you did not vote”

After a silence there was one response: “I wanted to but for which party should I have voted for given the options? They have all done so much wrong for the country”

Professor: “You should have voted for the lesser evil. Not casting your voting was the worst option…. With this note the class is dismissed”

This made me think that if I claim to love my country should I not play my part by at least voting? This is one problem with Pakistanis that those who know don’t care and the ones not aware vote and suffer. Most of the educated class is better off, so why bother. I will vote for Tehreek-i-Insaaf in the next election because I think it is a better party among the given options.  


  1. That sounds like it was a really good discussion. I also tend to not vote, but that's because I don't feel informed enough to do so...which is also my fault =p


  2. yes it was a very healthy discussion. You see in a country like Pakistan, we can't afford ignorance from its people. Our corrupt leaders are making our beautiful country worse day by day.