Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Pakistani’s sorrows

A common Pakistani is unfortunately a pessimist-xenocentric-criticizer. No matter what walk of life he belongs to or whatever way he is making his living; he is very honest and is efficiently playing his part as a Pakistani citizen; although he is not doing anything for his country ranging from casting vote to paying taxes. The most unfortunate part is that these people mostly belong from the educated class of Pakistan.  A common Pakistani would promptly criticize the following with the given arguments:

1.    The government: Corruption and flawed leadership are synonyms in Pakistan. They are not educated, they do not have any sense of direction or strategy and all they care about is money. The urdu saying ‘note dekha, mood bana’ (show me currency and I will be convinced) is the perfect logo for the government.

2.   The army: The once respected army is now, unfortunately/ fortunately, a center of ridicule. Major chunk of our national budget is allocated to the army therefore they are required to be perfect. The army is sold, although we have complete respect for those who lost their lives protecting us.

3.    The WAPDA: Those @#$%^&*!. I wish they go to hell and die there every day because of hot weather and no electricity.

4.   The doctors: In the recent past they have been a target of a lot public criticism. Inhuman professionals, incompetent money maker who do not only rob people but make them regret for choosing ‘that’ particular doctor. Almost any doctor’s name could fill up the space.

5.     The media: In the race of being the first one to report the news they have broken all the barriers of ethics and morals; whether it is the wedding of two celebrities to or a cross fire between two politicians.

6.    The police: Bribes, setups, fake encounter murders you name it and our police is doing it. They don’t have any values; all they care about is their tummies.

7.   The judiciary: Have they ever done anything just? The one authority that can have accountability of the executive needs to be accountable for their actions first- what a judiciary we have.

Unfortunately Pakistani people apply the halo effect, just one action is needed to mess up all the good done. Pakistanis will ignore all the positive things done by that department, completely covering them with black spots too. What I do not understand is why do we have problem when the world is applies the same halo effect on us the Pakistanis? (Note to self: Do not complain at the airport security next time)

And if you do not have the sense to look things through or to tell what’s right from what’s not, what gives you the license to quickly formulate the opinion and start portraying a bad image of the country. There are a lot of ills in our country absolutely no doubt about that; a lot of institutions do have a lacks. But unless we are not doing anything how can we blame other. We need to give in our little starting with voting, perhaps. 

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