Monday, January 17, 2011

10 reasons why the zodiac signs should stay the same

  1. Even Parke Kunkle, the person who made the discovery, is not embracing the new signs.
  2. The change in the format of the newspapers horoscope section and the addition of a thirteenth sign, which is also an odd number.
  3. More work! The need for updating zodiac signs of celebrities everywhere, starting with Wikipedia.
  4. The change in compatibility, since now you are compatible with certain zodiac signs you previously were not compatible with. For a hardcore believer in astrology this means lots of changes.
  5. A change in zodiac personality traits equals to a change in zodiac personality perception, which evidently equals to not-easily-digestible.
  6. Astrologists are still debating the usefulness of the discovery and deciding on whether or not it will even have an impact.
  7. Astrology has lost its credibility, and while there have been issues with the science since its inception, this recent discovery is the final blow.
  8. Many twins are now crabs, many crabs are now lions, and many lions are now virgins and its plain weird.
  9. The thirteenth zodiac sign is hard to pronounce.
  10. What are we to do with all the gifts, mugs, photo frames, and panels having our “old” zodiac signs on them?

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