Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I love Pakistan?

“Did you see the interview of XYZ, the cricketer? OMG! It was hilarious, not even one sentence was grammatically correct. And Teena, the singer? It is so a must watch. Hold on! I guess one of her videos has already been shared on Facebook, I’ll e-mail it to you in a bit. She says ‘Thaki-yew’-LOL.” These are some of the regular chats of us- the Pakistanis; whose mother tongue is Urdu. Who focus more on how bad English our nation’s artists spoke than how well they performed.

My young cousin is a brilliant student. He wants to go abroad; good- he should. Why do I suspect, he will start working there to contribute towards the betterment of that foreign country where he’ll have to live as a second class citizen rather than coming back to Pakistan? Because, this is the story of most of the Pakistani students. They all of a sudden have this reverse cultural shock when they come back to Pakistan, where they have lived for some 18 years, after 4 years? Pakistan is highly populated and polluted. The government is bad, people are paindu, streets are noisy and jam packed, cinemas are small and it is so NOT secure. I have to go back, I can’t live here- it’s not safe. 

We need to change our individual selves to change what is becoming of Pakistan. Let me elaborate; we are mostly late for gatherings, take shadis (weddings) for an example, but God knows what race we will lose if the driver in front car doesn’t exactly press accelerator when the green light goes bright on a traffic signal; and incase he doesn’t, along with the curses which he can’t even hear, a loud beep will start which stops when your car starts.

It’s either their fault or fates- we are all angels. We did nothing and we don’t plan on either. One day we make a speech on unemployment and reference-jobs, the other day we refer someone for a post. We want to have a government job. Why? Because ‘customs mein bht paisa atta hai’. We want Balochi’s to get our point of view and not want to understand theirs. We have a lot of problems of our own, of our country, its provinces, the brain washed terrorists, to be even thinking about why our country is like this? Look at us! Do we really have the time to play the blame game? 

We stood united at Tsunami and we celebrated the success together. We are making the most sincere efforts to help our brothers recover from this natural catastrophe.  We are a warm nation; we have feelings and we show them. We just need to have that positive-thing-for-nation button ‘on’ at all times. Let’s at least look at made in Pakistan stuff while shopping, from next time. That might, in years, safe goras the cost of exporting ‘made in xyz’ tags to Pakistan. And yes for the answer, I love Pakistan because ‘I’ am just an i at its end, It’s the whole me. 

Stay open-minded. 
Happy Reading!

P.s: Criticize- No one is expected to change in a day 

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