Monday, September 6, 2010


Assigned a university project on “Are the customer sales representative good as well as smart?” me and my group members decided to include analysis of encounters with the CSR. While I was planning this; my fate had already planned a similar ‘encounter’ for me- and a very comprehensive one and that too with a Telco where losing customers like me- profit category C- is not a big deal. By losing a more-demanding-less-profiting customer, they will be better off.
Anyway, my enthusiasm to do something for the flood victims was much encouraged, yet again, after having a look at the latest stats on damage caused by the natural catastrophe. It was 2 a.m. when I got done reading the article. I thought of doing a fund raiser, and mobile and internet are the first things you think of while going for such a move in today’s time. Likewise I quickly recharged my cell with the 100-ruppee-credit-card; I had bought earlier that day. Activated the SMS bucket, and sent the 3 text long message to most in my contact list.
Turns out I was wrong when I thought the SMS bucket has been activated. The damn company had taken the cash for the service they did not give; the balance for the package was deducted and I was sent a message saying you have insufficient balance. Not only they had deducted the stated package amount but also some 85% tax on it from my freshly recharged account, I couldn’t even taste the flavor of calling instead of missed calling. Needless to say I dialed the ‘help’- where rather than hearing the lady say “Which language you want the instructions in?”, I heard “You have insufficient balance to make this call”. What? They charge you for calling the help center too? And no relaxation to that policy!
I quickly dialed the company’s help number from landline, after successfully acquiring it from the efficient telephone inquiry – cut the giggle; I mean it. I was connected to a, surprisingly, calm CSR, he noted my complaint and told me they will fix the problem in 48 hours. As reasons for the breakup of my long happy relationship were building, more appealing options were becoming a consideration. No call, no SMS in the last 48 hours was a sign.
With much hope I called once more to ask for updates, this time I called from the very number I had the complaint registered of so that I am identified quickly. This CSR told me that I did not have balance when I recharged which fired me and I commented “I don’t think your company is poor enough to opt for this kind of revenue model- no matter whatever the reason was, I should have been given a follow up on my complaint” especially when the charge you to lodge a complaint. This probably ignited him, “If that’s the perception you have about our company, so be it…” and he would not let me talk at all - that is when I realized I was paying for “this” customer care and quickly disconnected.
I ended up with lost initial package activation balance, the costs of getting to CSR and the association I shared with my number. Perhaps I will continue sharing that but with a different connection.

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