Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Pakistan Cricket Team,

It is indeed sad to hear that some of the top Pakistani cricket players have been accused of spot-fixing, or match-fixing. There is not enough evidence to say anything at this point in time but I strongly hope that these accusations prove to be wrong. But why should they be there at the first place? That’s a whole separate debate which I don’t want to indulge into in this writing, at least.

I am not a big fan of cricket. I don’t watch all cricket matches and series, in fact, I rarely watch cricket or any sport for that matter but I am a huge fan of Pakistan cricket team. I watch cricket, only if one of the teams playing is Pakistan, I jump when Pakistani players bowl so well that the opponent fails to judge and play it right. My heart screams out loud “HOWZAT” when you bold the opponent. I jump as high as I can when the bowl flies high and lands outside the boundary I feel I have won when Pakistani cricket team wins.
When we won the T20 world cup 2009, I was so proud of the fact that no matter what anyone says “we are the world champions”. And that’s exactly the same feeling most of the Pakistani shared, people were out dancing on the streets screaming with joy. The mall road Lahore, the liberty round about Lahore were blocked because everyone was out celebrating; sharing their joy with other Pakistanis- because we had won. Everyone; who had access; was either glued to the radio, tv, internet listening to each and every update- praying and feeling every move of the Pakistani cricket team. The affected locals of the SWAT operations; those shelter less people, even they were swinging with the feeling of pride and joy. To me it seemed like the whole nation had forgotten all the bad news that never seemed to end. It was moment of cheer joy. It was moment of Pakistan.

You are the ones who can give Pakistan this kind of happiness. Yes You!! Cricket is so popular in Pakistan and everyone relates to it so whatever you do think about everyone who is going to be affected by your actions and decisions.

If everyone loves Pakistani cricket team so much why don’t they even think twice before readily accepting everything said against them? Good question, half of the answer lies in question- because they love the cricket team so much. Most of the people criticizing consist of people like me who have high hopes and expectations from you- who don’t want to accept any such comments and since there is nothing they can do about it; calling bad names seems like the only solution to let the anger out. The other audience is the highly informed one whose first reaction to such news, too, is disappointed.

I, as a Pakistani, forgive you for this act, if -at all- it’s true. I am still with the cricket team but please save this spirit of mine the heart attacks of hearing such news- over and over, and over years. Too many of them will just kill my spirit and I will lose hope in you, too. And also forgive me if any of my comments, given at any point, made you think “Are these the people I struggle for, to bring one smile of joy”?

Sincerely and dearly,

A Pakistani fan

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