Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcoming 2014 with open arms!

Writing my new year’s resolutions in February says a lot about my ‘being more organized’ resolution from last year. So, before I give myself the liberty to jot down 10-20 random feel-good resolutions, I will hold myself accountable against the 2013 resolutions.
Travel, write and eat. [Start having breakfast AGAIN!]:
Fail! Fail! Alright, I could do little about the travel part but less than 1 blog per month in 2013 is a slap on the face of my inner writer- the poor creature has so many things to pull him down already. Eat? Hmmee needs to be defined? healthy food or just food?
Turn the myth of work-life balance in reality.” [Motivator: Your family will accept you lazy and useless and still pay for your living]:
Good news is my work place is supportive of it but bad news is industry has ruined my habits pretty much so I am taking my time adjusting. So it’s a failed win.  
Hang out with friends more often:
Winnnn :D
Learn some new software:
Fail! I lack dedication and people are busy.
Be more organized:
Bashing already done.
Don’t trust people who are 20+, the characteristic of diplomacy develops with age:
Alright, I don’t know out of what disappointment I wrote this but sadly it is true for any age. But connecting with people is a mandatory survival strategy God put in every man’s mind.
Attend workshops, seminars, socialize:
Not so much! Working is time consuming enough and parents are only supporting enough; it’s better not to test the patience of either.
Be satisfied. [Inner peacewatch Kung fu panda for inspiration, twice]:
Getting there.

Now that I am done analyzing my 2013 resolutions; where I stand against them and how much I stuck to them, I will move on to listing my 2014 resolutions:
  1. Adopt a more healthy life style and, for my purpose, the way to go about that would be
    • Monitoring and controlling the intake of food: add variety to the menu, beef, mutton, vegetables.
    • Start exercising- at least once in a week.
  2. Watch a movie in a cinema once in a while. I had this theory that if you have to go watch a movie with your friends in a cinema, which requires silence and involvement, why not just do that alone at home, as a result none of my friends take me to movies anymore :p. So dear friends, you can include me in your movie plans and I, mostly, will try not to change them.
  3. Travel more. If I get the opportunity, I will maximize it. In sh Allah!
  4. So I have been preaching for a quiet a while now that ‘don’t judge people’ but the other day I was talking to my nephew, 5, and he was eating with his mouth open. I asked him to eat with his mouth closed and my reinforcement was that ‘what will people say?’. So that’s where this came from- thought provoking? Was for me. I rather not go in the “theory” I have about judging people :p, however, I will make a resolution around it: ‘don’t judge and don’t value judgments’. Who is anyone to judge me and who am I to judge anyone?
  5. Appreciate things, people.
  6. Be grateful.
  8. Be less selfish –moving from inwards to outwards.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Make a sketch. Keep brain cells alive.
  11. Write 1 blog a month on an average for 2014.
  12. In the spirit of coherent writing, here is the concluding food for thought: what are realistic targets? If they are realistic, are they targets? If not, why are they there in the first place? 

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