Monday, January 28, 2013


Jan end is the perfect time to announce 2013 resolutions as you have seen how the year would be and now you are in a position to say something about it. DON’T FROWN! I tried to justify my procrastination by being funny- it didn’t work. No need to rub it on my face!

Actually I have been craving to write but have been too busy doing things I don’t really like, to not find time for things I actually like. Well, the former are the ones you get paid for. And also for the record I do like 55 percent of my job if not 70. [This statement is the precautionary-legal-statement-disclaimer-thing which is shield for any consequences whatsoever].

Anyhow (pronounced as any-hu), I want to state the resolutions I have for 2013 but even more I want to evaluate 2012. 2012 has not been my best year but it also hasn’t been my worst. I have learned a lot professionally; everything from systems to people. Of course, there is a long way to go but it has been a good start. I have matured [Trust me, I have- you haven’t met the me in 2011 and before]. Here too, I have a long way to go but then again you are young once and what’s the fun in spending it all sensibly and emotionless. I am proud of myself for making one year at an organization. Of course major credit goes to the company I work for but then again a (woo)man is known by the company (s)he keeps. (Credit: Cool colleague)

In 2012, I have put in every effort in not developing my writing skills. [Emphasis: I would want to be good at it]. Good writing, like many other things, comes with practice. I wrote around 15 pieces in 2011 of which I shared 12 on my blog; 2 got published in a leading newspaper’s blogs, one in MSN Arabia and 2 on some less popular websites. I wrote 4 blogs in 2012; didn’t write anything in the last quarter of 2012. For 2013, I need to find time for things that I value like writing, travelling, socializing.

[To reinforce how much the writer sucks at writing, she jumps to another paragraph forgoing cohesion and without using a transition.]

*Curtains roll up with fast short drum beats*

2013 Resolutions
  1. Travel, write and eat. [Start having breakfast AGAIN!]
  2. Turn the myth of work-life balance in reality. [Motivator: Your family will accept you lazy and useless and still pay for your living]
  3. Hang out with friends more often.
  4. Learn some new software.
  5. Be more organized.
  6. Don’t trust people who are 20+, the characteristic of diplomacy develops with age.
  7. Attend workshops, seminars, socialize.
  8. Be satisfied. [Inner peace- watch Kung fu panda for inspiration, twice
The above picture has nothing to do with the writing.

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