Saturday, October 16, 2010

University memories: I might never write such a letter again

Respected Sir!.. 
I was switchin’ off the mobile in the beginning of the class and you saw me doing that and took away the mobile from me. I am aware of the instruction "no mobile phones in the class" but it did not occur to me to switch the cell off before the class. 
As you have asked me to mail you the whole detail, here you go: 
After taking the mobile from me u placed it somewhere on the podium, in the end of the class it turned out that the mobile was not there?!? 
who took it *mystery*, that no1 knew?.. 
Then comes another twist it wasnot my cell, it was a friends.. her reaction to the situation was no doubt anger!.. 
aniways .... later someone calls on my mobile telling me to pick the cell up from the canteen.. On the contrary Omer happy and "the Ahsan" suffer your torture because u blame them ... YES U!.. for no reason that they have STOLEN the mobile!.. 
This whole mobile-incident gave me a head ache and my blood pressure fell below the normal level, i went to the canteen to get back into form and to be able to suffer more severe situations you were gonna put me in!.. there and then i get to know that you are plannin to forward my name to the disciplinary committee =
then I apologize...!! 
*there is a new born bird who is learnin to fly and is having much trouble learing flyin and because of the deadly vouchers waiting for him to step out of his nest, that little bird asks one of the kind-hearted eagle for mercy..will the eagle spare the lil birdy's life? Alas! no1 knows!... let’s hope he does.. that lil bird is me* 
Looking forward to a positive response 
Thank you ! 
Yours sincerely 

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