Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25-

Dear Blog,

I'd been looking for good topics to write on for days now but nothing reasonable seems to come up and if some topic does I can barely write a paragraph on it in a flow. This is a sign that it's I high time I start writing so I picked the easiest way- sharing my daily happenings with you, at my blog.
My day started with a corporate finance class at 10 a.m. It was a practice session and in the race of being the first one to tell the answers I made calculation mistakes (YES on a calculator) which reinforces "haste makes waste"; something I am trying to incorporate in my daily doings, somehow. Though it's good that I knew which formulas to put and in what cases so I am picking up.
Right after that I had my first reading and writing lecture. It's a class of some 14-17 students, mostly smart kids, a few very quiet ones though. My target for this class is to improve the confidence of the students, primarily. I want the most quiet and shy student to participate in the class on his own. I am not really looking forward to the quality of the participation rather I am looking for the right tone, confidence, sense of having and sharing their own opinion. I feel responsible.
I got home early and since I had time I took the money, I saved from my first pay, and mom to fund in the remaining amount needed to buy a good digi cam. I successfully and contentedly bought a Sony W320. *yay*. I got home all excited when I found no one at home to share the news *sign* 'coz this kind of news I can celebrate with them and you=blog, better.
Later I went to sleep and now I am up. The end.

Digest this till later xx,

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